3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200BK 12 Tracker Black



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You might never go back to your old stethoscope. The 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200’s exceptional sound capabilities deliver an exceptional auscultation experience. Clinical evidence shows that it’s easier to detect
difficult-to-hear heart sounds, like S3 gallops, aortic regurgitation murmurs, and abnormal lung sounds.
Here’s why:

Proprietary Ambient Noise Reduction Technology
It cancels out, on average, 85% of ambient background noise that can interfere with the auscultation experience, without eliminating critical body sounds. So you’re much less likely to miss the sounds you need to hear in noisy work environments. A full 13% better than previous models.

Acoustic Seal Eartips
Not only do our patented 3M™ Littmann® Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips provide a comfortable fit, they also create an excellent acoustic seal. It means a tighter seal from ambient noise entering through eartip connections.

State-of-the-Art Sound Sensor
Built to stringent specifications, it provides a life-like 3M™ Littmann® sound experience similar to a high-end cardiology stethoscope. The sound received from the sensor is transmitted naturally to ears through the tubing.

Frictional Noise Reduction Technology
A number of changes in the chestpiece help reduce handling noises compared to earlier electronic stethoscopes. It’s less distracting. So it helps you focus more on what you need to hear.

Up to 24X Sound Amplification
Extra listening power for those times when you need it; may be helpful when a heart, lung or body sound is especially faint; when a patient is obese; or when a patient’s clothing restricts your listening experience.

2-year warranty

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