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Heine Loupe Optics only Hrp 2.5 x 340mm



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Colour Correction and excellent Depth of Focus.HR (high resolution) - achromaticoptics with exclusive multi-coating technology for the brightest, crispest images..
- Super Light Weight (48g including frame).Greatest user-comfort over extended periods.

- Low profile design.Compact, low profile optics allow the user to easily look over the loupes for non-magnified view.

- Modern, Compact Design.The advanced, compact, and functional design makes it easy to look past the optics when an unmagnified view is preferred.

- The ideal all-purpose loupe.The feather-light weight, low-profile design and low cost of the C 2.3 loupe make it the ideal all-purpose loupe.

- Precise Optical Adjustment.HEINE binocular loupes have independently-adjustable optics left and right to adjust the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD), and a 3-link adjustable mounting arm. Water- and Dust-Resistant.The loupes are water and dust resistant according to[IP65/IEC 60529 (2000)],ensuring ease of cleaning/disinfection.

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