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Autoclave Melag Euroklav 29-VS+ & Melaflash 18 ltr


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The Melag S Class Autoclave is the most commonly used autoclave within General Practice.
The Model 29VS autoclave comes with standard “A” combined mounting, which is able to accommodate 5 trays or 3 standard tray cassettes. It also comes with 2 test programs, which verify the functionality of the autoclave and document the results. They can be executed with a single button press, and are monitored and controlled automatically by the advanced internal microprocessor.
Using the quick sterilization program, unwrapped instruments can be removed after 20 minutes, including pre-vacuum and vacuum quick drying.

  • 18 Litre
  • Melaflash
  • 4 Sterilisation Programs
  • Drying Cycle
  • Pre & Post Vacuum Cycle
  • 4 Instrument Trays
  • Made in Germany
  • 2 Years / 2000 Cycle Warranty
  • Chamber dimensions: 35cm long x 25cm diameter
  • Unit dimensions: 42.5cm(W) x 48.5cm(H) x 57cm(depth)
  • Loading capacity: 3kg (instruments), 0.8kg (textiles)
  • Power consumption: 2,500

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