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A&D 24Hr ABPM TM2430 with DrPro Software & Adult Cuff



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TM-2430 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, 24 hour patient monitoring, with all the features software, reliability and accuracy required when analysing patients blood pressure. The TM-2430 is a compact & lightweight ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which incorporates our latest technology gained from over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of ambulatory BPMs. This monitor was validated in accordance with BHS protocol and its accuracy was proven to be A/A. Weighing only 215 grams, the portable TM-2430 can be easily taken anywhere with a patient. The importance of ABPM in managing hypertension has been acknowledged in hypertension guidelines and a number of authoritative bodies have now issued guidelines on the use of ABPM. A taskforce of participants at the 1999 Consensus Conference on ABP monitoring, sponsored by the International Society of Hypertension, suggested that:
'ABPM should be performed only with properly validated devices as an accessory to conventional measurement of BP [blood pressure]. ABPM requires considerable investment in equipment and training and its use for screening purposes cannot be recommended. ABPM is most useful for identifying patients with white-coat hypertension (WCH), also known as isolated clinic hypertension. ABPM or equivalent methods for tracing the white-coat effect should become part of the routine diagnostic and therapeutic procedures applied to treated and untreated patients with elevated clinic blood pressures. Results of long-term outcome trials should better establish the advantage of further integrating ABPM as an accessory to conventional sphygmomanometry into the routine care of hypertensive patients and should provide more definite information on the long-term cost-effectiveness.'
3 years warranty
24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Light weight & compact size
Oscillometric measuring method
Automatically adjusts: • Proper Cuff Pressure • Exhaust • End of Measurement
New pulse correction algorithm for faster measurement & noise rejection
Automatic or manual measurement
Battery Power (3 alkaline or Ni-Cd AA)
Multiple measurement intervals - adapts to patient's exact requirements
Data output to computer or printer
Multiple measurement intervals - adapts to health care professional's exact requirements

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